Top 10 Travel Friendly Laptops for 2018

Exploring new places! Who else would not love to do that? We all want to discover new destinations, but what if you are getting paid for travelling. Globalization made this possible by providing various types of jobs in which you need to wander from one place to another. If you are doing such kind of job you will need an enough portable and compatible laptop for working on the go. These kinds of jobs may be offered by private sectors or government. Some travel relevant jobs are Archaeologist, Auditor, Consultant, Destination wedding photographer, ESL teacher, Event Manager, Field service engineer, Foreign Service worker, Geoscientist, Sales representative, Travel writer, etc.

What are the features required for a laptop to be travel friendly. Here I have listed those features below. Laptop must be small and lightweight. Carrying a big or heavy laptop with other job relevant stuffs in your backpack will not be great idea. So, choose a lightweight computer for travelling.

It must be cheap also. If you will invest a lot on your working laptop then it will cost you enough whenever you lost it. If your tasks can be done with comparatively cheaper machine then prefer a travel friendly budget laptop.

Your laptop must have longer battery life. It doesn’t means to buy a laptop having 5 hrs of battery life, go for 9+ hrs or more than 6 hrs of battery life. While traveling it’s difficult to have a stable power connection anywhere, thus you will need a machine which will provide you longer battery life on a single charge. It’s time to check the list of Top 10 Travel Friendly Laptops for 2018 from some of the top UK stores and brands. And here is a review.

1. HP Stream 14

Starting this list with the Amazon best seller laptop comes with all the features required for a travel friendly laptop. This travel friendly laptop weighs just about 1.4 Kg and absolutely easy to carry.

All of the basic computing can be done with this lightweight machine. You can easily connect with working circle using video calls or other social media sites. You can do all of your office related tasks using the office apps.

HP Stream-14-ax000na provides full accessing power to Word PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel and OneNote. This travel friendly laptop can be broken or stolen on the go, thus backing up your data in the 1 TB of OneDrive cloud will be a smart idea.

HP Stream-14-ax000na comes with improved 802.11 ac dual Wi-Fi antenna helps you in establishing better wireless connection. A stable, reliable and stronger internet connection provides you excellent streaming, smooth web surfing and laser fast downloads.

Its powerful Lithium batteries provide 9 hrs of excellent average battery life. You will no longer worry about charging your laptop after buying HP Stream-14-ax000na travel friendly laptop.

2. ACER Chromebook-R

Working on a hybrid laptop instead of standard laptops will be great. This 2 in 1 laptop is a travel friendly machine which allows its users to use it as a laptop or a tablet.

Working on a keyboard all the time may be embarrassing. You will not need a working chair or something like that while working on a tablet. We are getting more familiar with touchscreen display and it would be great to complete your tasks on a tablet laptop hybrid.

ACER Chromebook R comes with 13.3 inches of full HD display and with outstanding 12 hrs of battery life. Weighing just about 1.5 Kg, this 2 in 1 laptop will be perfect for tasking on the go.

Its 3600 hinge allow its users to use it as a laptop or tablet at the same time. This 2 in 1 computing device is loaded with all the features required for an ideal travel friendly laptop.

ACER Chromebook

3. Asus 15-inch Full HD AMD Quad Core laptop

Asus X555YA Laptop comes with 15.6 inch full HD display and 4GB RAM. This travel friendly laptop is powered with Windows 10 operating system.
Asus X555YA is a Wi-Fi ready laptop equipped with 1TB hard drive. Its excellent integrated webcam helps you in connecting with your work circle through video calling easily. Built in integrated quality microphones and speakers delivers clear sound and helps in establishing quality video calling. It is a lightweight device weighing just about 2.2 Kg provides extra convenience while travelling.

Asus 15-inch Laptop

4. Lenovo IdeaPad 310 Laptop

Lenovo ideaPad 310 is a perfect device for professionals and students both. It is enough fast and responsive for tasking as well as advance graphics technology provides you better 3D gaming experience.

It is loaded with the features to fulfill the requirements of an ideal travel friendly laptop. Lenovo ideaPad-310 weighs about 2.2 Kg, not very expensive and has tremendous battery life of 6+ working hrs. You can check the specifications and battery life status of Lenovo ideaPad 310 at the Lenovo’s official website.

Watching HD quality movies and videos will be fun with Lenovo ideaPad 310. This travel friendly laptop is developed with Dolby audio technology with integrated stereo speakers to provide pleasant and clear sound. The sound will be big and loud enough.

Enhance your productivity in photo and video editing with its customizable graphics. Lenovo ideaPad 310 comes with 802.11 a/c Wi-Fi connectivity and it’s perfect for fast browsing, downloading and streaming. 802.11 a/c Wi-Fi connections provide 3x connection speed compared to the 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi.

Lenovo IdealPad

5. Toshiba Pro Z30-C16k

Toshiba Por Z30-C16k laptop is build to move. It will not add any extra load to your backpack because of its ultra light weight. It is loaded with all the required features of a travel friendly laptop.
It is lightweight, not expensive and also has outstanding battery life of 15.5 hrs on a single charge. Toshiba Por Z30-C16k laptop is powered with Intel Core processor and high performance SSD. Running all your business related applications on Toshiba Por Z30-C16k will be fun.

You can easily transfer data using its three USB 3.0 ports. This travel friendly laptop is enough mobile flexible, thus you will not need special adapters for data transferring. Sharing presentations using its HDMI port will be very easy.

This computing machine is developed with Toshiba’s quality standards. Toshiba Por Z30-C16k is built with light but strong magnesium chassis and its robust design makes it perfect for travel business. Laptop will provide better return on your investment.

Toshiba Pro laptop

6. Lenovo Yoga 300

Lenovo Yoga is one of the top trending light weight laptops nowadays. It comes with touch-screen display which means it can be used as a tablet too.

It can be easily changed between four different modes – Laptop, tent, stand and tablet. Switch between these modes according your comfort and convenience.
Lenevo Yoga is light weight enough and comes with 7 to 8 hours of average battery life. And it’s powered with Intel core processor, HD graphics and Windows 10 Operating System. It will be surely a worthy investment for your travel business.

Lenovo Yoga

7. Novatech Pro

Novatech nPro 1640 is built to set new standards of PC performance.
Novatech nPro-1640 is powered with Intel Core 7th generation processors. Take your creativity and productivity to the next level with this travel friendly laptop.
This travel friendly laptop is equipped with TPM security feature. This security feature is hardware based and developed to store information, such as encryption keys and passwords securely.
It is a perfect machine for travel business weighing just about 1.8 Kg. While traveling with your gadgets you need more convenience and comfort, Novatech nPro-1640 is built to deliver both.

Dell offers multiple choices with its Vostro edition and this laptop is one of them. Dell brand known for providing high performance gadgets loaded with advance and reliable technology.
It is a portable machine and perfect for travel business. Weighing just around 2 Kg, this laptop will take little space in your backpack. This Dell product is equipped with Lithium batteries to provide 8 hours of excellent battery life.
Dell Vostro 3568 is powered with advance Intel Core processors that make the device fast and enough responsive. This travel laptop will help you in taking your creativity and productivity to the next level.
Dell Vostro 3568 is loaded with the features required for a travel laptop. If you are looking for a laptop for your travel business then spend your earning on Dell Vostro 3568 and experience the change.

DELL Laptop deals

9. Sony VAIO Laptop

Before digging the features of Sony VAIO let me introduce its detachable feature first of all. You can use it as a laptop or work with its magnetic keyboard with enough distance.
If you are on the go and just want to check your social media sites, simply detach the keyboard and work sitting inside a public transport. You can also capture pictures and make projects and notes using Stylus.
Entertainment is a crucial element of our daily life and Sony VAIO is built for delivering quality entertainment. This travel friendly laptop is capable in providing clear and sharp videos just same as your high definition TV. This laptop is featured with full HD display and 1920x1080p resolution.


10. Samsung Galaxy TabPro

This Samsung laptop is the lightest laptop in this list of travel friendly laptop. It weighs just about 640 gm and powered with Intel Core processor and Windows 10 Operating System.
It has 12 inches of display with excellent 2160 x 1440ppi resolution. Work with Samsung Galaxy TabPro without plugging-in for long time, it gives outstanding 10.5 hours of battery life and that is enough for a laptop.
Samsung Galaxy TabPro is small but loaded with advance features and powered with latest Intel technology. This device will be perfect for working on the go.

Samsung Galaxy TabPro

Final Note:

Working from thousand miles away from your hometown is never easy for anybody. If you are in a job where you have to travel most, you will need such gadgets that are light weight and potable.
Here I have compiled a list of top travel friendly laptops that are loaded with latest features and portable. You don’t have to compromise with the basic features if you want to buy lightweight laptops. All of the laptops listed above are lightweight, cheap and provide long battery life.

Author: Suraj Kumar