Smart Home Gadget Control Household Appliances

During MWC 2017 in Barcelona the company Tapdo introduced their device of the same name. It is based on biometric sensor and it is basically a small smart button. User identification is done with a fingerprint scanner. The device allows users to remotely control a smartphone or even household appliances. In other words, this miniature device is a perfect addition to a smart home. The project will soon be launched on Kickstarter to raise more funds for mass production.

Tapdo smart button is paired with iPhone or Android smartphone via the accompanying app. Any Tapdo owner has access to many various operations: controlling music, adjusting lighting in the room, regulate heating, set an alarm clock, call a taxi, share files on social media, and so on. As the smart button comes with rubber band (looks like a watch), users will have a control panel on their wrists. Tapdo will appear on Kickstarter very soon.