Thunk3D Handled Raster Industrial Object 3D Scanner

Industrial Object 3D Scanner

Thunk3D Handled Raster
Industrial Object 3D scanner

The 3D scanner itself is only 550 grams, making it rather light, portable and compact. This is great for bringing it along with you to any needed destination. It is great and handy for using on larger sized items. It can scan within a range max of up to 1.2 meters. When it is scanning, it is extremely accurate. All of the items will be built into a 3D model with precision. XY axis position accuracy is about 0.02 mm, while the Z axis accuracy is 0.04 mm.
Thunk3D Handled Industrial Scanner
Thunk3D handled raster industrial object 3D scanner also helps save plenty of time, with its data collection speed being 600F/S, this provides with the model in no time at all. There are also two different modes of scanning, from which one can choose. That is the accurate mode and the quick mode.
Industrial sensor on this 3D scanner is from ON Semi, with a dual modular of TI6401, that provides with image resolution of 1280 X 800 pixels, for models to be models to be with the maximum amount of clarity. Thunk3D scanner is compatible with just about all computer operating systems such as Windows 7 64it, Windows 8, Windows 10 and more.
Thunk3D handles raster industrial object 3D scanner is a handy and interesting item. Price of it is quite high, but it provides with an experience that you will enjoy. All items can be made into 3D models on your computer in just minutes.