Thule Sleeve Best Protective Bag for MacBook

Thule is a very diversified company – it produces car accessories, cycling equipment, bags, backpacks and, most importantly for us, mobile device accessories. Their cases and bags for smartphones, tablets and laptops are quite distinguishing. We’d like to draw your attention to their laptop cases, more specifically, Gauntlet line-up for MacBook Pro.

Thule offers two options of its Gauntlet cases for MacBook Pro users – 13-inch and 15-inch. Both of them are basically the same. Both feature a signature relief exterior with company’s logo in the middle. A reliable, dense structure (made of molded EVA) guarantees maximum safety to your laptop. There’s extra protection “weak spots” of the laptop – on the edges and corners. Plus, it doesn’t add too much to the size of your MacBook, so the case can be easily carried in a backpack. Moreover, the outer shell and the zippers are completely water-proof, so no rain can threaten your mobile devices.

Thule Sleeve Best Protective Bag MacBook

Thule MacBook Sleeve

The interior is also very well done. There’s a strap that holds your laptop in place and doesn’t let it shake inside the case. The interior is padded, so there’s no threat of accidental bump or scratches. The Gauntlet case can also be used as a stand for your laptop. Due to clamshell design, you can just open the case and use the laptop. That way, it’s still protected even while you’re working on it.

So, Thule Gauntlet MacBook Pro Sleeve is an excellent protective accessory for all MacBook fans. It may not be the best choice for a businessman (because of the design) but it’s a great case for tourists and travellers.