Best Selling Waterproof Bag Thule Crossover Sling

Very attractive drop-like form, plus uncommonly look zipper basic compartments, that make it possible to open them only to the middle, but this is the important part of the functionality of this product.

Straps and their construction are the important part of the backpack. Thule used a very wide strap. Very convenient handle with the leather insert. Belt the retaining strap is wide and is sufficiently long for any person. From below belt is attached to one additional wide strap, from within finished by the soft, passing air material.
For pockets and main compartment is used smooth and soft fabric. Under the small pockets there is “grid pocket”, which divides the lower part of sling to three parts. 

Thule Crossover Sling

In the largest compartment is a special pocket for the Macbook Pro 15” on the rear wall and one additional pocket on the front wall. Laptop computer is inside well protected — back is thick, with the soft damping inserts.
There is one additional pocket. It is located in the forward section of sling.

Generally the bag has a very thought-out construction; moreover it is adapted both for the extraction of the things, when sling in the vertical position and when it in the horizontal. It’s really convenient sling, with the identical ease the substituting both small urban backpack and the bag through the shoulder.

Thule Crossover Sling best bag