This Smartwatch Can Charge Up Other Mobile Devices

Battery time isn’t the strongest suit of most modern smartphones. Plus, if it’s connected to a smartwatch and constantly exchanges data with it, battery time decreases even more. But this problem can be solved with the smartwatch Uvolt.

This smartwatch can hardly even be called smart: it doesn’t sync with a smartphone, show notifications or track physical activities of the user. Instead, Uvolt has another thing to offer – it can charge up your smartphone in the time of need. Obviously, Ubvolt still serves like a regular watch and tells time but that’s not the most important part. Inside, there is a special detachable battery which can be taken out and plugged into a smartphone. The battery has a built-in cable for connecting to Lightning, USB-C or microUSB. Plus, if the phone supports wireless charging, you may just press the battery against its rear side.

The detachable battery has a pretty medium capacity – 600mAh. Still, this is more than enough for a quick recharge, especially if the situation is urgent. Interestingly, the battery itself doesn’t need to be recharged because the watch’s band itself consists of a few batteries which do the job once the main battery is put inside the watch. The smaller batteries are powered by the display which is basically a solar battery.

UVOLT smartwatch can be pre-ordered on Kickstarter.