Best Sleep Tracking Monitor Alexa Enabled Beautyrest Health Tracker

Taking care of health is much easier now because we have numerous gadgets. We don’t even have to consult doctors if the issue doesn’t seem serious. Using various trackers, we can monitor heart rate, count burned calories and control sleep quality. The latter is probably the most important one of them latteszr because good sleep is the foundation of good health. And the company Beautyrest is a best selling sleep tracking gadget, that will make your bed smart and sleep better – Wearable-Free Sleep Tracking Monitor Alexa Enabled Smart Health Tracker.

This device is called Beautyrest Sleeptracker and its purpose is quite understandable if you look at the name. Unlike smartwatches and other wearables, this gadget is placed under the mattress which allows it to track sleep of two people at the same time. Sleeptracker measures heart rate and breathing rate with 90% accuracy. What’s more, the device is able to discern different sleep phases.

Best Alexa Enabled Health Tracker

Obviously, users can see everything in the accompanying app available for iOS and Android devices. The app monitors sleep cycles of the user very thoroughly, so that he can optimize his sleep as well as possible. Plus, the tracker’s owner can compare the results with other users and receive recommendations to enjoy more pleasant sleep.