Themelux Smart Thermos Cup Electric Thermo Jug

Whenever we travel, we always pack our bags with a lot of stuff: clothes, equipment and, of course, food and drinks. However, it can be tricky to maintain the right temperature of drinks if the weather changes too often. As a solution, people buy thermal cups which can keep drinks hot or cold. And for this review, we picked best selling Themelux Smart Thermos Cup Portable Electric Thermo Jug.

Smart Thermos Themelux is a durable and practical companion for any traveler. The Smart Electric cup can maintain the temperature on three levels: hot (above 55 degrees), warm (28-55 degrees) and cool (below 28 degrees). Actually, during tests, Themelux Smart Thermos showed that it doesn’t lose a lot – after 6 hours a 90-degree beverage cooled stayed above 72 degrees.

Plus, the cup takes care of your health reminding you to drink water every 30 minutes. To activate this feature, you don’t need to install any apps – just press the switch for 3 seconds and the cup will glow alerting you that it’s time to take a sip.

Themelux Best Smart Thermos Cup

The functionality of this cup comes from great construction. The cup is made from stainless steel and equipped with accurate real-time temperature sensing technology. The internals are friendly to any type of beverage whether it’s hot or cold. The material is hydrophobic, anti-bacterial and easy to clean. In addition, all your drinks are protected with a safety lock preventing any leakages.

At the same time, this Portable Electric Thermo Jug Smart Thermos is very portable. It weighs only 260g, so it can be put in the side pocket of a backpack. The cup will serve its user for a long time, its battery lasts for over 6 months. The capacity can be either 300ml or 400ml depending on the version you choose. In any case, with Themelux smart cup, you’ll always have a refreshingly cold or soothingly hot beverage by your side.

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