The Truth about Battery Time in Laptops

When choosing a laptop, people often look at the battery time because it’s one of the most important characteristics for this type of device. To be able to use the laptop on the go, a big battery is indispensable. And the British website Which decided to conduct an interesting test – they picked 67 models of different laptops, and compared their battery time with the numbers claimed by manufacturers.

According to the test results, it turns out that almost all manufacturers aren’t very truthful about battery specs of their laptops. The actual longevity numbers were quite different from the claimed ones. The only exception was Apple and its MacBooks which really did work for as long as they were claimed to.

For instance, 12 HP laptops, which average claimed battery time reaches almost 10 hours, last for only 5 hours in reality. The similar situation was with Dell laptops: 9 hours on paper against 5 hours in real life. Other companies with such results were ASUS, Acer, Toshiba and Lenovo. Only 3 MacBooks worked for 10h 15 minutes which is exactly how they should perform according to Apple.

During the investigation, Which ran 2 basic tests 3 times each. The first test included web browsing while the second was film watching. In both cases, the battery was discharged from 100% to zero. Still, it’s important to say that the results can’t be the highest instance here because Which didn’t reveal any test details (screen brightness, type of browser, etc.) and the tests weren’t done in lab conditions, like manufacturers do them.

In any case, we see once again that Apple lives up to its reputation. Although MacBook may not be your most affordable choice, it still is high-quality device.