The Quntis Eye-Caring LED Light Bar: Get Rid of Your Eye Strain!

Many people now are using computers for either school, work and other recreational activities such as gaming, watching movies, and creating art projects. We all spend many hours of our day staring at the computer screen. You have probably heard the fact that screens are ruining our eyesights many times before. But we cannot just stop using computers. It is too much a part of our lives.

All we can really do is perhaps take eye breaks every now and then, and work in a well lit environment. Even then, you can still get sore eyes and headaches that don’t go away. The thing is, normal desk lamps do not protect our eyes from screen glares. We can get as many lamps on our work desk or take as many breaks as we would like, but it would still not save us from all the blue light coming from our computer screens.

Quntis Monitor Eye Caring Lamp

There are many products on the market that help us solve this problem. But as for me nothing is more convenient than a light that can be mounted right on the monitor. It saves space on your desk and does abstract your view of the screen. Quntis Computer Monitor LED Light Bar does just that. Once mounted it looks wonderfully sleek and fits right into your workspace. Creating a stylish and modern look. I personally have a fairly cluttered desk, now without my old desk lamp everything looks a lot neater and I have a lot more space.

Quntis monitor computer LED lamp does just save space it is also a much better alternative to a desk lamp for computer users. The LED lamp mounted on your monitor screen is smartly designed to illuminate your screen and keyboard. Gone are the days of adjusting your desk lamp to illuminate your workspace perfectly. By lighting up your workspace it immediately reduces screen glare and blocks blue light and in turn reduces eye strain. With these benefits you would no longer need to take as many eye breaks as before. You would be able to boost your productivity and finish work faster.

The lamp has various smart features. You are able to turn on the light by just tapping on the switch, which is incredibly convenient as you do not have to look for the right controls in a low light space. It also has a built in light sensor that automatically adjusts brightness accordingly.

There will be no surprises for your eyes as the lamp knows how to adjust to the surrounding light levels. You’d also be able to choose between cool or warm light, no need to choose just one type of lamp! Once you set up the lamp, it automatically remembers it so you wouldn’t have to do it all over again.

Overall Quntis LED Light Bar is a great deal for their price. It has all the functions necessary to keep your eyes safe from the monitor. It also looks incredibly sleek and modern while also saving your work space from clutter. However, it is important to note that the Quntis monitor computer lamp is not suitable for curved monitors and laptops as it does not come with a mount that can be safely put on those types of monitors.