The Best Trendy Tablet For Business, Except for the iPad

Everyone wants to buy a good smartphone, but not everyone has money to buy an iPhone, so many people are looking for the not expensive quality phone. One of the most recognized brands, which is also one of the most powerful smartphone brands worldwide, is the Apple iPad. Apple iPad is a great Tablet PC, but it’s not the only good option. You can find a lot of different tablets, but there are some other brands, which are just as powerful or as popular than Apple iPhones. 

What makes them so good, are the specs. In the top of the list is the processor, which keeps on improving with every year. Also, the latest processor comes with a lot more RAM for smoother performance, and a greater battery life. The most popular and well-known is Samsung, which has a large market share. But there are other choices as well. 

The Best Trendy Tablet For Business

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S7 11-inch Tablet 128GB. Transform your tablet into a PC experience with DeX mode and optional keyboard with expanded trackpad. Feature rich and blazing fast with the new Exynos processor, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 gives you an amazing experience for productivity and entertainment, all in a brilliant, compact design. 

Designed for multimedia consumption, the Galaxy Tab S7 offers a modern, immersive entertainment experience through its high-resolution, sharp and vivid display. It offers enough performance for digital office use, to become your powerful PC by connecting your Galaxy Tab S7 with the DeX Station accessory (sold separately). The Best Tablet For Work The Galaxy Tab S7 comes with a redesigned S-Pen that is more advanced than ever.