Gadgets That Provides Prescription Strength Pain Relief

TENS machines vary in price however there are some rather powerful and affordable options, providing you with a reasonably priced treatment option. TENS 7000 provides prescription strength pain relief. This device is a muscle stimulator, a nerve stimulator, and an electric massager in one piece.

It will surely help you to relax after a long day or an intensive workout. This gadget provides long-lasting pain relief for different parts of your body such as back, neck, elbows and so on. And all of this will be completely drug-free. While TENS 7000 has lots of settings that may be adjusted and customized, it remains simple to use.

Additionally, it features multiple therapy modes such as normal, burst, pulse massager, so you will be able to pick the mode that works best for you. The pain reliever also comes with anything you might need: a high voltage battery, several electrodes and 2 wires. As a result, you will not need anything else to feel better and relieved.

The TENS 7000 machine is created of the very same materials and components as any which you would find at the physician’s office. Physical therapy can help a number of pain conditions. TENS therapy may be used to treat various kinds of pain, including acute or chronic pain. TENS 7000 Dual Channel digital gadget is an extremely traditional TENS unit, and you may carry it easily along with you so you are always well prepared to tackle pain just anywhere.

TENS gadget