First Self-Driving Bus

The idea of creating a completely autonomous vehicle has interested many companies for quite a long time now. For instance, Apple is already testing its self-driving cars. What’s more, we might soon see passenger vehicles without drivers. The current example is the French company NAVYA that announced its electric autopilot mini-bus. In fact, the bus can be pre-ordered on the company’s official website.

The bus, which is called ARMA, is equipped with all sorts of things: light radars, motion sensors, a GPS navigator, cameras, and so on. As a result, the bus knows is way around the city without any drivers. The ARMA bus rides well on the road and recognizes other vehicles, trees and even pedestrian crossings. Although the bus doesn’t go as fast as you could imagine, it can easily serve as a taxi or a shuttle bus.

Right now, this bus is already used for delivering employees of French nuclear stations to their sites. The creators of ARMA say that the bus is much more economical compared to other buses that run on diesel fuel. Considering that electricity is cheaper and there’s no need for a driver, the costs must be much lower. That’s why all customers can pre-order the ARMA now. First shipments start in Q3 of 2017.