Himalaya Yoga via Apps


About Himalayan yoga. The name of this type of yoga speaks for itself. These techniques, most of which are secret, have been collected during thousands of years. In the past, they were practiced under guru’s supervision. And in modern life, techniques of Himalayan yoga re available in yoga apps. But why were these techniques secret? Because [...]

Yoga Apps Advantages for Daily Practice


A few years ago, nobody could even begin to imagine that smartphones would become our indispensable personal assistants for yoga or fitness activities. Thanks to various Android and iOS apps, it’s very easy to keep track of all activities, plan every training, and look at stats and accomplishments. There are all kinds of apps which allow users [...]

Daily Yoga Practices and Medical Benefit


Today, everyone, who is even vaguely familiar with yoga, knows at least things about the health benefits of yoga: it increases flexibility and reduced stress. Unfortunately, not every instructor knows how tightly yoga is connected with health. In fact, right and regular practice can provide more than physical health and much more than the ability [...]

Yoga for Beginners – Practice Asanas Safely with Yoga Apps


Thanks to the power of advertising, myths about yoga are spreading very quickly. People have a certain passion towards something unusual, mysterious and unknown. What’s more, many people consider yoga to be the universal “solution” against all diseases. In reality, the therapeutic effect of yoga exercises and poses (asanas) depends mostly on [...]

Yoga for Weight Loss and Fitness


A combination of yoga and fitness attracts a lot of people today. In fact, fitness yoga became one of the most popular types of physical activities. Such trainings provide great results: people don’t just stay in shape and lose weight – they start feeling better. But what is fitness yoga and how does it help become slim? Fitness Yoga combines [...]

Pranayama – Helps to Breathe Right


Again, we’ll start this article by saying that most modern people spend a lot of time with their mobile devices. Sometimes, they are used for ridiculous reasons but smartphones can be much more helpful. For example, modern yoga apps is a great opportunity to use a smartphone or a tablet with benefit to your health. So, if you start practising [...]

Start Yoga in Modern Life


In these days, millions of people practise yoga all around the world, not just in India and Tibet. Every day, someone starts the first training and someone gives up because of the wrong approach or incorrect exercise regime. So, in this article, we will describe yoga a bit more and give a few simple advices. Today, there are many different types [...]

Yoga Apps for Daily Practice


This is the first article of a new category on our website – YOGA APPS. But why did we start this category? First of all, I’ve been doing yoga for more than 25 years. And the other reason – yoga is a part of mobile world now. Using numerous apps on smartphone or tablet devices, everyone can do yoga themselves without having to find a [...]