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Smart Fitness Watch Health Monitor Smartwatch


Many of us search for a classy looking smartwatch that can fill out many functions and be a health tracker as well. For this reason, in this review we have looked at one of the best selling item that will do all that and more. This Classic Round Shape Smart Watch LW03 Health Monitor Smartwatch comes in three classic and at the same time neutral [...]

Z01 Smart Watch Health Monitor Classic Shape SmartWatch


Smart watches are also progressing and their are plenty of them on the market already. However, not all of them are of high quality and are worth the money. In this review we looked at a smartwatch that is receiving positive feedbacks from other users. This Smart Watch Health Monitor Z01 Android Classic Shape SmartWatch is offered in two neutral [...]

U10 Waterproof Bluetooth Smart Watch Sports SmartWatch


There are many different types of smartwatches on the market today. It can be hard to find the right pair, and one that will fit our criteria. However, we have reviewed a Waterproof Bluetooth Smart Watch that is receiving positive feedbacks. This U10 Sports SmartWatch is offered to buyers in several color options: Black, White and Silver. These [...]

Unique Self-Charging Hybrid Smartwatch


There are a lot of different smartwatches that run Android Wear, watchOS and other systems. Now, even fashion brands are trying their best at making a functional smartwatch. However, all these gadgets have something in common – they all need to be charged. Thankfully, a Swiss start-up Sequent has a smartwatch that solves this problem completely. [...]

Coupon Deals Stylish Heart Rate Monitor Promo Discount Code


To live a well lifestyle, it is vital to track our activity, sleeping mode, and heart beat. This will leave us with information about what changes we should make in our lifestyle to live it healthy. The Lenovo HW02 heart rate monitor Smart Wristband will supply you with all of that information and even much more with all of it’s wonderful [...]

CF006 Smart Watch Heart Rate Steel Smart Bracelet


Health is something that we would not be able to live without! It is important to live a healthy and active lifestyle to function properly every single day! Monitoring your health is an important step, and one item that we could recommend to you is CF006 Smart Wristband. This stylish health monitor is comes with a large display on a elegant [...]

Best Heart Rate Fitness Tracker – LYNWO M6 Smartband


Sometimes, a person leading an active lifestyle likes to keep track of his (or her) activities. Thankfully, we have wearables – functional gadgets that collect various data and transmit it to a smartphone. If you’re into sports, you have a vast choice: there are multi-purpose smartwatches for bigger prices or simple fitness trackers with basic [...]

Huawei Honor Band 3 Fitness Tracker


Recently we’ve written about Honor 9 – the smartphone that has just been announced by Huawei. Along with the smartphone, Huawei introduced a few other interesting devices at its recent presentation. Here is a short review of all of them. Honor Band 3 – the third instalment of the company’s fitness tracker. The new version features a [...]

Samsung Health Device S-Patch Specs, Features


Although Samsung is already a big name on the wearable market with its Gear line-up, the company has a few more aces up its sleeves. During CES 2016, Samsung demonstrated the prototype of a very interesting health wearable device called S-Patch. The gadget has already gone through the certification process, which tells us that its mass production [...]

Xiaomi MiBand 3 Fitness Tracker Is Ready to Launch


Notice: Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Smart Bracelet already launched and available to buy online. The new version of Xiaomi’s popular fitness tracker is the the 86th product by Xiaomi, launched through the proprietary crowd-hosting platform MIJIA. The most interesting thing is that it will be produced by Huami which makes branded sports trackers and [...]

Wearables for Health are Not That Good Measuring Calories


Wearable gadgets are supposed to work well health trackers. For example, one of their “specialties”, apart from monitoring heart rate, counting steps and tracking sleep, is the ability to measure burned calories. Not everybody really uses that feature and manufacturers have never claimed absolute accuracy of such measurements. But now, there [...]

Great Design Super Best Selling Smartwatch


Although smartwatches are gradually becoming fashion accessories, many people buy them for their functionality. Some people enjoy seamless integration with a smartphone while others use smartwatches because of their activity tracking abilities. Fitness enthusiasts love such devices and the feeling is mutual. That’s why we see many smartwatches [...]

Misfit Elegant and Functional Fitness Trackers


Activity trackers by Misfit are known for their simple design. But despite being quite modest in terms of looks, these devices pack impressive functionality. Just a few days, Misfit launched the latest device called Misfit Flare. This tracker “inherits” the same minimalistic design as its predecessors. Still, Flare has everything to become [...]

Garmin Vivosmart 3 Specs, Price and Deals


A famous wearable maker Garmin released its new fitness tracker Vivosmart 3. The device has all features from two previous generations: compact size and the display come from the original Vivosmart, while a heart rate sensor is taken from Vivosmart HR. Besides, the third edition has its own distinctive features, for example, the data tracking [...]

Best Smart Sports Wearable Garmin Running Dynamics Pod


Garmin is a famous brand on the wearable market, known for their fitness gadgets. Now, the company presented another wearable but it’s a little bit different. It’s called Running Dynamics Pod and its main purpose is obviously tracking the dynamics of user’s running. Unlike most other wearables, this one is attached to person’s waist. [...]

e-Celsius Smart Gadget Diagnosing Dangerous Diseases


We’re getting quite used to having all kinds of smart gadgets around us. But while some of them can be rather pointless, there are others which make life easier and even save people’s lives. For example, French scientists invented a thermometer in the shape of a pill which can be essential for diagnosing dangerous diseases. The gadget is [...]

Alexa Will Be Integrated with Wearables


Qualcomm Technologies announced that the members of the Qualcomm eXtension programme will be able to integrate the voice assistant Alexa into wearable devices. The feature will be available on Qualcomm Bluetooth Audio CSR8670 and CSR8675 chipsets. The list of devices includes headphones, speakers, fitness trackers, and so on. From now on, users [...]

Garmin Vivoactive Smartwatch


Garmin is one the most recognizable smartwatch brand on the market. The company has a lot of devices available for people with different needs and preferences. Those, who look for style in their accessories, should definitely go for Vivomove but if you’re more interested in sports and activity tracking, Garmin offers Vivoactive HR smartwatch. [...]

New FlexPhone Wrist-Wrapping Smartphone


The idea of flexible smartphones isn’t new at all. Many companies, for example, Samsung, are working on such devices and already have a few patents with foldable smartphones. Unfortunately, none of them has been released yet. However, the industry has advanced a lot in the last few years and there is some optimistic news. The recent development [...]

Smart Bracelet Alcohol Tester


CES 2017 is filled with various kinds of innovations. While big companies introduce new smartphones or laptops, smaller brands also have peculiar products. One of them is a smart bracelet Proof which not only tracks activity level but detects blood alcohol level. The device is fitted with a special bio-chemical sensor. Besides, Proof uses a [...]

Waterproof Multi-Functional Fitness Smart Band


Fitness trackers today are becoming even more popular than smartwatches. They aren’t so multi-purpose as smartwatches but they cope very well with activity tracking. Some of these devices only count steps and measure distance and calories, while others have a built-in heart rate monitor. But what if you want the full package for a reasonable [...]

Smartwatch With Medical Features


The company Cronovo Inc. created and recently launched a very interesting smartwatch. It’s fitted with electrodes which measure electrocardiogram of the user. Cronova smartwatch boasts a classic, rounded design with the AMOLED-display (400×400 resolution). Electrodes are located on the body of the watch. They are used for showing [...]

First Meizu Fitness Tracker, Best Deals


Meizu is expanding its range – the company introduced its first activity tracker, called Meizu Band. Meizu Band looks pretty neat and manufacturers assure customers that it will be a useful assistant for all fitness enthusiasts. This device has traditional functions: it counts steps, amount of calories burned, measures the heart rate of the [...]

Jawbone UP MOVE Fitness Tracker


American company Jawbone is globally famous for their wearables. Their own UP system offers a lot of tracking possibilities which allow users to control their lifestyle and be aware more about their different activities. The UP system serves as your life coach, it helps you stay more active and achieve your goals. All Jawbone’s fitness trackers [...]

Auto Chargeable Smartwatch


There’s a new and unique product, presented on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo – Matrix PowerWatch. This smartwatch isn’t just a regular product. While other mobile devices always require a certain power source to be charged, Matrix PowerWatch doesn’t need that – it gets the energy from the warmth of human body. Yes, that’s right, [...]

Samsung Gear S3 Business Smartwatch Specs Best Deals


On the market there are so many different smartwatches that customers may get confused when choosing the perfect one. Every detail must be taken into account because not all watches are equally good for all activities. Some of them are more suitable for fitness, others would be great for daily use when reading news, texts or listening to music. [...]

Cool Men’s Smartwatch Fossil Q Wander Specs and Deals


If you’re looking for a smartwatch that has fitness tracking features and also looks nice and sleek, you might want to check out the Q Wander from Fossil. This watch is fitted with a touch-screen AMOLED display that may sound familiar to Android fans. But not only that – it actually works on Android Wear, a smartwatch adaptation of the regular [...]

Best Selling Functional and Stylish Smart Watch


The company Garmin, one of the leaders on the smartwatch market, and Vivomove is certainly different from any other smartwatch. Many people care about their health and enjoy some kind of fitness activities but most fitness tracking watches on the market look bulky and not stylish at all. Vivomove, however, has a classic and fashionable look that [...]

Great Companion for Running TomTom Spark 3 Smartband


For all fitness and running enthusiasts around the world TomTom has recently released a new smartwatch, called Spark 3. The smart watch looks quite simple. The display is very ordinary but the Spark 3 wasn’t made as a super-technological and multi-tasking device, it was made for other activities. And we have to say, it copes with them just fine. [...]

Withings Steel HR Elegant Watch and Tracker in One Device


Today, if you’re looking for a suitable wearable, you may want to check out smartwatches. These devices combine many useful features but most of them are used as fitness trackers and they don’t look very elegant. However, the company Withings is about to release their new wearable in October and it may really surprise you. This smartwatch is [...]

Which Smartwatch is Most Accurate Fitness Device?


What do you need from a good fitness tracker or Smartwatch? It should accurately measure your travelled distance and heart rate. These are two most important features for fitness fans, so they’re not really disappointed if their device isn’t water-proof or doesn’t have GPS. Thankfully, Apple Watch users don’t have such problems. Not only [...]

TomTom Touch Daily Tracker Specs, Price, Best Deals


Being organized is not an easy task. It takes determination and lots of work. With every new-year-resolution we decide to improve our habits, but quite often this decision wears off faster than we would like. A lot of time it happens because we cannot see the result of our work right away and become discouraged. If only there was something that [...]

Build Muscle, Burn Fat, Weight Controller Smart Gadget


This device is designed for anyone who is looking to loose extra weight in healthy controlled manner. Skulpt Chisel gadget is an electronic handheld body fat and muscle quality analyzer. It is slightly more accurate than most fitness tracking devices, since it is designed only with one purpose in mind. Therefore this device is more suitable for [...]

Best Most Advanced TICKR X Wearable Heart Rate Monitor


In our hectic modern life it is not always easy to carve out some time for exercise. A lot of us would have to admit, it is just plain exhausting and often there seems to be no immediate result about it and most of us loose track and quit. But then it also very necessary to be in good health, so what can we do? Luckily there are solution that will [...]

Garmin Vivosmart HR Plus Smart Band


The Garmin Vivosmart HR Plus Smart band is a useful health tracker. Besides that, it has a lot of helpful smartwatch functions, such as music player controller and basic notifications, including email, call, messages, social media alerts and other. A main goal of this device is to measure different health indexes. The Vivosmart HR+ automatically [...]

Best Selling Polar M600 Sports Smart Watch


As we know, the series of smart chronometer is always increasing. One of the best selling Sports Smart Watch wearables Polar M600 was developed for the fans of active life style. This 63 gram device is water resistant and also resistant to various bumps and scratches. 1,3-inches screen is safely protected with Gorilla Glass 3. The device works on [...]

Stylish Slim Waterproof Sports Round-Shaped Smartwatch


Smartwatch wearable gadgets are getting popular. In this review we will briefly observe BigBen Waterproof Stylish Slim Smartwatch Waterproof Bluetooth Sports Fitness Tracker with round-shaped design. Design made in a modest style, looks impressive and elegant. Can make a phone calls on a cell phone with built-in Bluetooth. The watch will remind [...]