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Best Sellers Most Popular Smart Sound Gadgets Based on Sales


Amazon is a very well-known platform all over the world. It has a large variety of different items, just about anything you can think of. However, it also has its top best sellers and most popular smart sound gadgets based on sales, that are loved by many. Let’s take a look at what’s on the list, and maybe you will find something for yourself [...]

Functional HDMI Splitter for Audio and Video Devices


The popularity of HDMI interface is growing more and more. It’s supported by many media appliances today, like DVD players, top boxes or PCs. In the nearest future, even more digital devices will feature the HDMI support. But it’s quite uncomfortable if you already have several of them – you have to turn off one cable and plug another one [...]

Best Selling Compact Yamaha MusicCast Wireless Speaker


When choosing a wireless speaker, we usually pay attention to sound and design. When these two components are added together, you always get a top-class product. But some devices can bring a bit more functionality to the picture. So, for this review a speaker just like that. This is a product from a world-famous music and audio electronics company [...]

Twelve South Charging Stand Review


American company Twelve South has been making accessories for Apple devices since 2009. Based in South Carolina, USA, this company is actually really small – it employs around 10 people but creates and releases 12 brand-new Apple accessories every year. We’ve already told about Forté for your Apple Watch and now it’s time for another [...]

Kenu Airframe Сar Mount Review


Car mounts are very helpful devices – they hold your smartphone in a secure position and you can use it as a GPS-navigator while driving. We’ve already told you about a couple of similar devices (like [+] Trip from Logitech) but for this review we have an even more functional car mount – Airframe from Kenu. The company itself says that [...]

Sony PlayStation VR Review


Today, virtual reality industry is a very promising area. Many companies invest a lot of money into the research of this innovative technology sphere. But despite all these expenses and new studies, VR headsets are mostly seen as entertainment accessories. Such devices are a real treasure for gamers who seek for a full immersion into virtual [...]

Microsoft Hololens VR, Short Review


Virtual reality is a very promising area. Many scientists research it and try to find out how to apply it in different spheres of our life. However, with their Hololens headset Microsoft attempts to revolutionize the virtual world forever. Hololens is in many ways a revolutionary product from Microsoft. While many companies are busy studying and [...]

Collapsible Display For Mobile Devices


Website Kickstarter is a global platform for creative people who want to realize their dreams and demonstrate their products. Some projects don’t have much success, while others become popular instantly. Kickstarter is full of interesting and even unique products, and one of them has caught our attention – SPUD, a collapsible, 24-inch display [...]

Cheaper Alternative to Hololens


The Hololens from Microsoft is a fantastic headset which uses the augmented or mixed reality technology. But it has one serious disadvantage – the price. $3000 will hardly attract a broad audience. This gave a group of British enthusiasts an idea to create a much more affordable device to experience mixed reality. The result of their hard work [...]

Smart Square Off Chessboard


Chess is one of the oldest games, known to mankind. In modern era of information technologies this game shifted to screens of mobile devices. There are plenty of different apps for smartphones, tablets and laptop computers where you can select certain modes and try to beat the computer or play against your friend on-line. But the elegance of the [...]

Innovation, HTC Vive VR Headset, Specs, Price


HTC Vive, a VR headset, created by HTC and Valve, is one of the best devices in its kind. In spring, as a part of Vive X program, HTC started heavily looking for the start-ups, engaged in the VR industry, and support them. The program, as we can see, turned out to be quite successful. But just recentlty, HTC made the headlines of techno-news [...]

Google’s New VR Headset Specs and Deals


Daydream View, a Google’s brand-new VR headset, was first seen in the beginning of October at the presentation of Google’s own Pixel smartphone. Google announced that the headset can already be pre-ordered, but we know that the Daydream View goes on sale on 10th of November. Unfortunately, you can’t buy it anywhere in the world, it will be [...]

Build Muscle, Burn Fat, Weight Controller Smart Gadget


This device is designed for anyone who is looking to loose extra weight in healthy controlled manner. Skulpt Chisel gadget is an electronic handheld body fat and muscle quality analyzer. It is slightly more accurate than most fitness tracking devices, since it is designed only with one purpose in mind. Therefore this device is more suitable for [...]

Best HD Voice controlled portable Bluetooth Hands-Free Kit


To be able to make and receive calls hands-free while driving, you will need the Parrot Minikit Neo 2 HD Voice controlled portable Bluetooth Hands-Free Kit. Unlike many other car kits available on the market today, this best selling small and well-thought comma-shaped gadget comes with a 3-watt speaker that produces HD-quality audio that is much [...]

Luxury VAJA Suit for Bang & Olufsen Beosound 2


If you are one of those smart and stylish owners of the Bang & Olufsen Beosound 2, you will want to dress your gadget in this exquisite Vaja iVolution suit. This accessory is made of luxury genuine leather and is available in eighteen different colors so you can choose the one that suits you best. No matter what option you go for, it will [...]

Best Selling 2018 Sound Gadget Sony Smart Bluetooth Speaker


Today, there is nothing weird about gadgets which “speak” and “understand” voice commands. The same is with one of the best selling sound gadgets Sony Smart Bluetooth Speaker. With it, Apple clients can now be informed about the incoming messages and weather forecast without the need to scroll the screens of their mobiles. Making [...]

Sony Xperia Ear Smart In-ear Bluetooth Earbuds


This year, the whole world witnessed the release of a small but very functional Bluetooth headset – the Sony Xperia Ear Smart In-ear Bluetooth Earbuds. The gadget has its app that should be set up in accordance with your needs first. No worries! If you are new to this, then a built-in tutorial will come in useful. As soon as the set-up process [...]

New SONY Xperia Robot Agent


This new Smart Home Sony robot was first time demonstrated MWC trade show last year, and since recently it has been already demonstrated in action in the context of IFA event in Berlin. The robot can act as an intermediate between the user and “smart house”, having previously connected to an audio system, TVs, smartphone, computer and coffee [...]

iOttie Easy One Touch 3 Wireless Fast Charge Car Mount


In this review, we want talk about best selling iOttie Easy One Touch 3 Wireless Fast Charge Car Mount. The quality of the materials shows that Easy One Touch 3 was developed carefully. Implementation of attachment on any plane due to a special gel coating on the suction Cup. Good fixation in most surfaces. Easy One Touch 3 is a mount for [...]

App Controlled Smart Robot Ball


This radio guided App Controlled Smart Robot Ball Sphero 2.0 connects to an iPhone vie Bluetooth. Spherical coordinated robot is able to roll over on the floor, to swim and even to rotate in the water. For this ball actually were designed more than 25 applications and games for a two together entertainment or just for entertainment in the group of [...]