Super-Protective Smart SYSTM Case for iPhone 7 / 7 Plus

Protective Case for iPhone 7

When you’re looking for an everyday smartphone case, you want something slim and fashionable. At the same time, a case still should have all the protective qualities. In this case, some people might go for extreme, multi-layered accessories but they aren’t exactly stylish and it’s comfortable to carry them in a jeans pocket. That’s why a smartphone case with good looks and sturdy construction is a real treasure for any smartphone user, especially if you have an iPhone. So, this review will be dedicated to a great product with all these traits – Incase Smart SYSTM for iPhone 7 / 7 plus (iPhone 6S / 6S Plus).

This smartphone case remains very elegant without losing any protective properties. First of all, Smart SYSTM consists of 2 layers: interior and exterior. The first is lined with flexible thermoplastic  PU (polyeurethane) – a shock absorbent material that also distributes the impact in case of accidental drops. The second is a layer of polycarbonate hardshell which is extremely durable and reliable. It adds more protection against drops and provides no-slip grip with its texture. Besides, the case features a raised bezel around the whole perimeter which protects the screen as well. Altogether, this is a perfect combination that prevents any breakages.incase cover for iphone 7Smart SYSTM cases are designed specifically for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Every case was crafted with maximum precision, so there are holes for all ports and integrated volume and sleep/wake buttons. All iPhone users may find something for their liking as the Smart SYSTM line-up boasts a wide variety of colours, from standard black to exotic blue or red.
Lastly, the case has an interesting detail that could be helpful for photography. Around the camera there is a flash suppressor ring and its name speaks for itself – it eliminates flash reflection when you take photos.

In conclusion, Incase Smart SYSTM iPhone cases are everything you’re looking for. They aren’t bulky, they are eye-catching and the protection of your precious iPhone is on the highest level. This is the case that any iPhone user deserves.