Super-Functional Smartphone Accessory

Smartphone users complain a lot that there are so many different accessories for it: cables, chargers, adapters and so on. But what if we told you that you could have one ultimate accessory? What if you could power up your phone or connect it to the computer with one gadget? Yes, you didn’t misread it – we present you WonderCube.

WonderCube is a technological masterpiece, although it’s only 3 inches long. That’s right, it’s a small cube that you can just use as a keychain. Seriously, it’s so tiny that you should bother more about losing it! But don’t lose it ever because you will need it a lot of times.

WonderCube is basically a little transformer. It provides users with 8 different functions. It has an inbuilt cable, a USB (or Lightning) plug for charging your smartphone with an adapter, a microSD port (supports 16, 32 and 64GB, depending on the version) and a flashlight. All that is enough to surprise anyone but there’s more. WonderCube can serve as a USB flash drive and a charger for your smartphone. As it’s powered by 9V battery, it can keep your mobile devices alive in case of emergency. Besides, this gadget is fitted with suction cup on the bottom, so it can be used as a smartphone stand.

So, WonderCube is a fantastic gadget that solves many problems. Whereas cables, power banks, adapters and other mobile accessories always take too much space, WonderCube will never disturb you. Plus, given that it has all the features from other accessories, you might as well just carry only your WonderCube instead of everything else.
By the way, to pre-order the device, visit its Indiegogo page.