SUAOKI Dash Cam Functional 1080P FHD Car DVR Specs, Discount

Love the speed and the drive? Want to feel full freedom and accountability? But you would like to feel safe and protected at the same time? Then, try out the SUAOKI Dash Cam 1080P FHD Car DVR. This camera will ensure you can always go back to what has happened on the road and stay on the safe side. This camera features a very easy and user-friendly interface with just several buttons on the main screen which you can switch with your finger due to the touchscreen function. Therefore, while on the go, you will be able to operate it easily.

Suaoki Dash Camera Car DVR test

The camera works from the battery, this way, the camera will record everything that is happening around your car while you are not nearby. When you are driving, we recommend that the gadget needs to be plugged, however, it already comes with a long cord so it will not cause any inconveniences. But, what is more, while you are driving, due to the built-in G sensor, it will automatically start the 2 minute recording, in case of an accident. Therefore, with this smart device you will get full coverage of all the events regarding your car.

Suaoki Dash Camera Car DVR

The car DVR features a 170-degree lens that will record the major events happening on the road. And this will also be in a great resolution of 1080HD. The camera writes short videos on its internal memory, however, to get a better visibility, we recommend installing a TF card of up to 32GB. When the memory is full, the camera will start rewriting starting with the oldest videos. Due to this loop recording feature, you will always have access to the latest recordings and you will never see ‘memory is full’ message. Moreover, the SUAOKI Car DVR has excellent night sensors which allow it to shoot high-quality photos and videos during the night.

Suaoki Dash Camera Car DVR review

The car DVR also features compact design allowing you to store it in the car when not in use but also making sure that it does not block your vision. But, at the same time, 2.7 inch display is wide enough to allow you to see the screen without too much effort. The gadget is also equipped with a parking monitor which signals that the camera needs to start recording when you are away.  Enjoy full visibility and accountability with this smart and user-oriented car DVR. It will allow you to record major events on the road as well as ensure that you can see the latest videos, even if the memory is full. Stay safe and have full accountability of what is happening around.

Additional info:

  • Running the dash camera need to connect external power, built-in battery cant last long time
  • For the first use, must format SD card, otherwise, it may occur compatible issues (SD card not included in the box)

Suaoki Dash Camera Car DVR specs

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