Stylish Bag Moshi Urbana Briefcase for 15″ Laptops

Laptops are meant to be carried around. That’s why we have backpacks, bags, and so on. Obviously, the whole point of buying a messenger bag is that you could carry a laptop there fully protected. But let’s not forget that any bag can be considered a fashion accessory. And if you like looking trendy, you would pay more attention to style in your accessories. Our following review is just about a product like that – this Moshi Urbana Briefcase for MacBook 15″ Laptops.

At first sight, Urbana seems like an accessory that would interest mostly women because it looks very much like a purse. In reality, this fantastic briefcase is totally uni-sex. Moshi Urbana suits anyone who appreciates fashionable accessories. The slim, eye-catching design of this bag is the first thing you notice and it’s beautiful.
Moshi Briefcase for MacBook

Along with impeccable lines and slimness, Urbana has other advantages. First of all, it’s made of high-quality materials. The water-resistant exterior is covered with a special coating that protects the contents of the bag from spillage, rain or snow. Urbana features two durable handles and an adjustable, patented ViscoStrap which comes in handy.

Secondly, Urbana is a real highlight in terms of organization. The interior hosts enough space for numerous items: there is a padded compartment for 15-inch laptops, a special pocket for a tablet and there’s still room for books, magazines and similar stuff. Besides, Urbana offers a few more pockets on the inside and outside for other belongings, like accessories, pens, smartphones, etc.

In conclusion, Moshi’s Urbana briefcase is truly excellent accessory for your laptop and it comes with a touch of class. It helps you organize all your things properly and protect them in a really stylish way.