Stylish LA Besace Bag For MacBook

When choosing a carrying Bag, Sleeve or Backpack for your MacBook, you don’t just look at the exterior – you judge the bag by its protective abilities. A MacBook is an incredibly helpful but fragile device, so you should always care for it as for the apple of your eye. Among numerous bags, available on the market, we chose one very interesting – La Besace 13″ MacBook Bag from the company Be.ez.

This bag is very fashionable. Black exterior, white trim and contrasting orange interior together create a great look. The exterior is splash-proof, so no threat to the contents in case of a rain. A high quality of the bag is complemented with super strong shoulder strap. It’s made of a material which is used for auto seat belts, so you can totally rely on its durability.

Now we go to the interior. Here we have everything necessary for all your essentials. There’s a compartment for a 13-inch MacBook (held in place by Velcro straps), a pocket for documents and paper files (also great for a tablet) and a special pocket for mobile accessories, like cables or chargers. The bag also features a few pen holders and section for credit or other cards. Add to that a big, quick-access pocket on the back side of the flap (for smaller items, like keys, wallet or a smartphone), and you get a wonderful organizational system.

So, La Besace laptop bag is an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for protection and style in his accessories. Buying this bag, you’re definitely making an investment because it will serve you well for a long time.

LA besace bag for MacBook