Stylish Kids GPS Smart Watch

For different kids the entertainment functions might be more important. Otherwise, the gadget is unchanged. Q750 Kids GPS Intelligent Smart Watch – the title speaks for itself, doesn’t it? The GPS device will track the location. These watches are equipped with lots of functions which are targeted at keeping your child safe and smart. The built-in GPS location system, which updates the information every three minutes. The SOS Mode which allows the child to send an emergency message to one of the parents in case of danger.

Stylish Kids GPS Smart Watch

You can also add contacts that can call your child straight through the watch, so you do not have to struggle anymore trying to reach your child through the teacher if the child’s phone is somewhere in the bottom of the backpack. And the last but not the least – the watches possess a math-solving program to keep your child entertained and smart. Additionally, the watch will go into sleeping mode when not in use to preserve power when it is really needed.

The key consideration to keep in mind is to teach your children to be mindful of any suspicious activity occurring in or around the home. The kid can explore the region on their own knowing they will discover the way back. Especially when you have small children, it’s absolutely crucial that you don’t take risks.


  • GPS, BDS, AGPS, LBS, WiFi, Glonass
  • SOS function
  • Locating Time for School Days (will record)
  • Math Practice: helps your kids’ learning.
  • Band Width: 20mm

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