Stylish Apple Pencil Charging Stand LEFON Dock Station

Very convenient to use on your workstation Apple Pencil Charging Stand LEFON Dock Station with built-in USB charing cable would make sure that you never run out of battery on your Apple iPad Pencil. Additionally, this base will hold your iPhone pencil securely in place. Make sure you do not lose it. The Dock has an attractive design and will certainly look perfect on your desk. The 5ft cable allows you to put it practically anywhere.
The stand is readily portable and the 5 ft cable offers you the flexibility to set the stand you want when it’s charging. The stand is weighted to create sure that it doesn’t tip over in the event that you knock it by accident. After the charging is done, just pull out the Pencil and insert it in the cap till you have to use it again. This dock also includes a slot to hold the cap once the Pencil is charging. The dock includes an assembled charging cable so you may begin with no additional set up.

LEFON Charging Dock for Apple Pencil

The charging Dock is also extremely compact and portable: you can take it anywhere to make sure the Apple pencil is charged. Made of durable materials, it will also protect your Apple Pencil from breaking. Especially in the area where connector is situated as it holds the pencil securely in place. So, try out this iPencil base and enjoy.