Best Stylish and Comfortable Backpack For Students

There is no more comfortable accessory than a backpack. Its weight is evenly distributed between your shoulders, which keeps you back straight. Plus, backpacks have a lot to offer in terms of organization. There are different options for students, workers or travelers with enough space for all items. But what if you’re looking for a versatile backpack with multiple capabilities? Then, you might want to look at in this review, the following product – Moshi Arcus Multifunction Backpack.

It’s no surprise that Moshi, a famous mobile accessory manufacturer, made yet another high-quality product. Arcus is a real pearl of Moshi’s collection for many reasons. Firstly, it has a cool design and sturdy construction. The shape was inspired by the arcus cloud. The backpack sits comfortably on your shoulders due to Airmesh padded shoulder straps and breathable back side. Secondly, Arcus’ body is made of reliable fabric with high protective capabilities. It is crush-resistant, water-proof and yet, very lightweight.

Arcus Backpack by Moshi

The main highlight of Arcus is its organization system. After opening the pack, you’ll see the main compartment with plenty of space for your clothes, magazines and other essentials. Mobile devices have their own pockets as well. Inside, you’ll find separate compartments for a laptop (up to 15 inches), a tablet and a smartphone. All of them have extra soft padding, so your gadgets won’t be harmed.
And that’s not even close to the end. The front side features a zippered pocket for wallet or a notebook, there is a shock-resistant compartment on the back for fragile accessories, like sunglasses or headphones, and another exterior pocket on the right side for water bottle or an umbrella. Besides, if you’re a keen photographer, you are in for a treat because Arcus has a special compartment for your DSLR camera and accessories for it.

So, Arcus is definitely one of the most notable Moshi’s creation. This pack works as a daily accessory, it’s good for students and even travelers would appreciate its spaciousness. This multifunction pack is everything you need.