Stereo Bluetooth Walkie Talkie for Bike Specs, Big Discount

With internet readily available to everyone, upgrading motorcycles using suitable accessories has become simpler than ever. Bike Bluetooth headsets are made for open face, modular and complete face helmets, all at an assortment of price points. A motorcycle Bluetooth headset is an intercom system which you may use while you’re on the street. The walkie talkie headset is a comparatively new technology. Wifi walkie talkie Bluetooth headsets are great. TCOM-SC Stereo Bluetooth Walkie Talkie for Bike is there to make your life way easier and safer. It is a special biking intercom device that is fixed on the motorcycle helmet and allows you to make and receive calls without endangering your health.

Bluetooth Walkie Talkie for Bike Specs

The device is able to work around 7 hours when in active use, but in standby mode, the charge lasts for as long as 300 hours. It is equipped with three headphones inputs, which allow several people to be involved in the call. It can also turn into music player through Bluetooth or radio to make sure you enjoy your bike ride. Don’t worry, it is also provided with special noise reduction technologies, so even if you are cycling extremely fast the sound will be perfect.

    • Intercom distance is 800m
    • Supports 3 pairs
    • Intercom time up to 7 hours
    • Standby time – up to 300 hours
    • Auto answer the calls, reject or hang up
    • Bluetooth connects to the music, or radio
    • Echo cancellation processor
    • Noise reduction technology
    • Waterproof

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