Smart Bracelet Heart Rate Steel Smart Watch

This smart watch is a perfect item for track your health and for motivation. First of all, it has a built in optical blood pressure sensor for always tracking and detecting it. PPG heartrate sensor detects every 30 minutes how fast your heart is beating. For controlling the amount of hours slept and categorizing wheatear it was deep sleep, light sleep, or a nap, a sleep monitor is installed into this smart watch.
Heart Rate Smart Wristband

CF006 OLED Blood Pressure Waterproof
Heart Rate Smart Watch

It also has features such as pedometer for tracking the amount of steps, calories burned and distance. Alarm clock will always help you stay on time.You can also receive direct call reminders and SMS, as well as read twitter, and other social media. Bluetooth 4.0 allows one to easily connect the smart watch to their mobile device, to be exact to the FundoBracelet app, which will allow you to fully track all of your data and syncs your calls and messages. It works within an 8 meter range. To light up the screen of the watch, one just needs to raise their arm to the level of their chest and keep it flat. 100 mAh battery charges quickly and will provide with plenty of usage.
CF006 smart watch is trendy, and high quality made for a long usage. We would recommend this watch, so if you are in need of one, make sure to give it a look! Especially that it is so reasonably priced!
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