Multi-Functional Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit

LittleBits Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit would be fun for all the family. And, undoubtedly, Star Wars lovers. So, first and foremost, your child will need to assemble the droid using the parts that come with the kit. So, your kid will develop engineering and spatial skills. Furthermore, the droid needs to be coded and taught to perform different functions. However, to make it even more fun and challenging, the kit offers more than 22 functions and mission to do.

So, your children can have a competition of who does it faster or you can just track their progress like that. If all the missions ended, you kid can still rearrange the blocks to create new challenges. However, to be able to play, a smart device is required such as an iPhone or an Android. Make sure you have it before getting the kit and check the OS compatibility. Finally, as a nice bonus, the droid can make 20 authentic Star Wars sounds.