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Parents want to keep their children busy, and children want to have fun. In that case, a bicycle is a great item to look into. It is imperative that the bike is long-lasting and safe. In this review, we will observe one of the best selling Bikes for Children the Xiaomi Ninebot Sports Style Kids Bicycle.

This Xiaomi sports bike for children is presented in several different colors, to be appropriate for both boys and girls with diverse preferences. It has a humble design, and is bet suitable for children from 3 to 6 years old. The girl bikes of this model, are made to be more elegant and beautiful. On the other hand, boy models are already more sporty, just the way they like them to be.

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This bicycle is made in a way to be of the standards of an adult bike, and extremely safe at the same time. The bike has an exceptionally safe design, where the hand breaks are made to be anti-pinch to protect children’s hands, with a PU cover on the bar, a hidden seat handle, front and rear brakes, full cover anti-clip chain cover, anti-slip beading pedal and super light in weight tires. As well as that, it has auxiliary training wheels attached, which help children learn how to ride the bike. The seat handle is great for parents or adults teaching them to ride.

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The girl bicycle model is 1050 X 490 X 685 mm in size, while the boy model is a bit smaller being 1000 X 490 X 635 mm. Both of the models have a net weight of just 8.8 kg, and can withhold a load of 30 kg. The seat of the Xiaomi Ninebot bike can also be adjusted depending on the height, beginning from 490 to 520 mm.

Xiaomi Ninebot Kids Sport Bicycle is offered for a great price. It looks fully like an adult bike, but is much more safer for the children. It will leave kids happy, and parents confident and calm. If you have small children or know of those who do, take a look at this item.

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