Speed Travel Vacuum Train

Elon Musk, CEO of the company Tesla, is truly a revolutionary in the hi-tech world. One of many different projects, suggested or presented by him, was Hyperloop – a train that travels in special vacuum tubes. Because there’s no air in these tubes, a train can potentially travel faster than airplanes and other high-speed trains.

Right now, the company Hyperloop One is working on this project. Just recently, it organized another test of the vacuum train (or vactrain) XP-1. For testing, engineers used a 500-meter track where the train reached the speed of 310 km/h. In fact, this number is getting pretty close to the planned speeds of Hyperloop. Besides, the demonstrated speed is quite enough for launching Hyperloop in Dubai or other places where the installations were planned. There, Hyperloop will go at mind-blowing speeds – up to 800 km/h.

The engineers from Hyperloop One also mentioned that all components of the whole system were functioning properly during the testing. The results were a significant improvement compared to the tests in May. That time, the train only reached 111 km/h. Now, we see that this ambitious project may actually turn into reality.