Best Plastic Protection Speck Hard Shell for MacBook Laptops

Sometimes, people don’t want to buy sleeves and bags for their MacBooks. Yes, maybe, they are too lazy to pull it out but some users are used to regular laptop design – they open it and start working. That’s why there are hard shell covers or cases which is like an extra layer of skin for a laptop.
In this review, we’re gonna tell you about Best Plastic Protection – Speck SeeThru Hard Shell Case for MacBook.

This line-up of cases comes in two versions – for 13-inch and 15-inch MacBooks. Both of them come in a wide range of colours (black, gray, yellow, and so on), so anyone can find a suitable accessory according to one’s preferences. In this “crystal-candy” skin, your MacBook gets a fancy, stylish look.

The case consists of two parts: for the bottom side and the screen. The installation is very simple, as the case fits the shape of the laptop perfectly with the access to all ports and buttons. Plus, it’s extremely thin (1.2mm) and light as a feather, so no inconveniences for users. Despite being that thin, the case has impressive protective capabilities.
It ensures the safety of your precious device from scratches, bumps and even drops. Speaking of drops, the anti-slip, rubberized feet on the bottom of the case will guarantee maximum security, even while working on slippery surfaces.

In any case, Speck SeeThru Hard Shell Case isn’t the most luxurious protective case on the world but it will definitely do its job well. Besides, a number of colour options can give your MacBook an unforgettable, eye-catching look.

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Speck Hard Shell MacBook Case