Wireless Charging SOOCAS X1 Sonic Electrical Toothbrush

Oral care of our teeth is as significant as our general health. It truly plays a big part in it. One of the most key and first steps of taking care of your teeth is brushing them accurately. In order to brush them correctly, a good toothbrush is necessary. Electric toothbrushes are much better than regular ones that we can purchase in any grocery store. In this review, we have observed the SOOCAS X1 Sonic Electrical Toothbrush with Wireless inductive charging and 3 brushing modes.

SOOCAS X1 electric toothbrush is made with quality out of ABS and PP material. Brush itself is of a white color and includes four interchangeable color rings depending on your preference and for distinguishing between your other family members. Waterproof IPX7 makes the brush fully washable.

Wireless SOOCAS X1 Sonic Electrical Toothbrush

A high efficient motor is installed that provides with vibration up to 37200 times per one minute. The head of the brush is rounded with increased filaments up to 40 percent. The DuPont filaments are known for being highly dense and of great quality. The curved design with dense filaments is made to fit the teeth surface better and remove all food particles, plaque and deeply clean every gap, even the hard to reach ones.

SOOCAS X1 Electrical Toothbrush

Three different modes are included. The first mode is the standard one for daily cleaning. Gentle mode is one for those with more sensitive gums, and whiten mode is available for deleting different stains that are more stubborn.

For setting healthier habits, this SOOCAS X1 toothbrush has an automatic timer that shuts the toothbrush off after two minutes of usage. Throughout the entire two minutes, every 30 seconds it sends a reminder for you to change the brushing area.

Built in, it has a 700mAh lithium battery, that charges in 12 hours for up to 72 minutes of usage time, which might sound like it is not a lot, but for 2 minutes twice a day, it is meant to last for up to 18 days. The package also includes a brush head cover for traveling.

SOOCAS X1 electric toothbrush is made for healthier teeth and gums. Different modes make it ideal for all. Price of it is also affordable!

SOOCAS X1 Sonic Electrical Toothbrush