Sonos PLAY Moisture Proof Wireless Smart Speaker For Home

In some countries, March is the end of the trimester, so you celebrate a lot of parties, have fun, and give presents to each other for surviving yet another trimester. Sonos PLAY is a Moisture Proof Home Smart Speaker that can make your party fun. The gadget supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless connection, but if for some reason the signal is unstable, it can be connected directly to the Ethernet. The smart speaker is resistant to moisture and is safe to use in the bathroom or kitchen. So, it is not only good for parties, but can be used to create positive mood while cooking or relaxing.

Sonos Best Moisture Proof Smart Speaker

The wireless controller makes it easy and handy to use the device while built-in mid-low frequency speaker will create perfect surround sound. The Trueplay feature comes as a good perk. It assesses how the sound arrives to the phone and reflects through the room and adjusts the arrival time to create a better atmosphere.

  • Connect to any WiFi network
  • Ethernet port: A 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port
  • Built-in one tweeter, one mid-low frequency speaker, driven by independent 2 D-class digital amplifiers
  • Material: ABS+ metal
  • Wireless control application (APP) on Android phone, Mac or PC
  • Wall-mounted design