Solar Powered Outdoor Rugged Bluetooth Speaker

We all listen to music, that is without a doubt. For that, a great idea would be to look into a speaker for even louder and better quality music. Different speakers are offered, but most likely you have not seen the SolarBox Solar Powered Waterproof Outdoor Rugged Bluetooth Speaker. Let’s take a look at it!

First of all, the SolarBox has a unique design that is a rugged, which makes it fully dustproof, waterproof and shockproof. It can be used in any situation outdoors, although it has a compact size that can fit in any pocket being only 101 X 101 X 47mm with a weight of just 226 g.

It can easily be connected to any Bluetooth enabled device with Bluetooth 4.2 installed, which also allows you to hands free talk on the phone. However, it also can be connected with an AUX cable.

Rugged Bluetooth Speaker

SolarBox Solar Powered Waterproof
Outdoor Rugged Bluetooth Speaker

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One of the most unique features of the SolarBox, is its ability to power up from the sun. Leave out in the sunlight for 30 minutes, and it will provide you with about 30 minutes of music listening time. For times when there is not enough sunlight, charge the 2000mAh battery with a USB cable for up to 20 hours of usage time. This Bluetooth speaker will provide with one of a kind sound, with the 55mm speakers that also have an audio signal noise ratio of >=75db. The frequency also changes between 100 Hz to 18000 Hz with a sound distortion being lower than 0.1%. This SolarBox Mini speaker is truly a one of a kind item out there. It is being presented on Indiegogo platform and Amazon. The price of it is the best yet!