Best Selling Solar-Powered Speaker Dock, Soulra XL

Among many great speakers there are very functional ones which can also serve as a docking station for your mobile devices. Having looked through the market, we’ve found a rather peculiar product for you. This is Soulra XL speaker dock for your iPod and iPhone from the company Eton. But what’s so different about it? The answer will surprise you – instead of charging the speaker from a regular wall power socket, you can use a big, 72 square inch monocrystal solar panel, located on top of the device. That can be quite convenient if you end up in a place without electricity, when traveling, for example.

The sun recharges a lithium-ion battery which in a completely charged condition can play music for 5 hours. Now, let’s talk about the speaker side of this device. It’s actually pretty powerful, considering it features 8 speaker drivers (2 tweeters, 2 woofers, 4 passive radiators) which produce 22W of power. As a result, the sound isn’t bad at all.

Soulra XL also has a dock for your iPod or iPhone. While in the dock, the devices are protected with an anti-glare cover. The speaker/dock is actually very portable – it’s fitted with a detachable carry strap and a special handle. You’ll also find a compartment for the remote. So, Soulra XL is a quite unique product. The solar panel may be helpful if you’re travelling, in other cases you can charge the speaker in a regular way. But its multi-functionality may definitely interest a lot of people.

Speaker Dock, Soulra XL

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