Solar-Powered Mobile Accessory

Solar energy is already quite popular in mobile technology. We’ve written about such headphones and a speaker but there are much more of these devices. However, solar smartphone accessories are in shortage. That’s why every accessory of this kind makes the headlines. For example, Motorola cooperated with Modularis to create new Moto Mod panels for the Moto Z smartphone line-up.

The first accessory is called Mico and it will put an end to all worries about low battery on your phone, especially when it’s used outdoors. Mico serves as an additional 2.200mAh battery with a built-in solar panel. This Moto Mod isn’t very bulky considering that it’s basically a power bank. Plus, it’s fitted with a USB-C port for charging the battery itself.

Another accessory from Motorola is Snap-Panel. This is a stand-alone solar panel with 1000mAh capacity and a USB-C plug. The latter allows users to connect it to Mico or other compatible mobile devices.

In a few days, both accessories can be pre-ordered on Indiegogo. So far, we can say that this is a pretty innovative charging solution. Perhaps, other companies could utilize this idea for their mobile accessories.