Smartwatches VS Vintage Skeleton Watch

Nowadays, many mobile devices and accessories follow a so-called retro or vintage trend. Let’s take, for example, smartwatches. Of course, there are Apple Watches with their squared design but most manufacturers prefer classic and even vintage look for their watches. But in this article, we’d like to change the subject a little bit and tell you about vintage Skeleton watches.

Although these aren’t smartwatches, not even mobile devices, we thought that this watch line-up deserves a closer look because it keeps up with the current vintage trend in most accessories. Indeed, many people like a certain style in their accessories, so vintage-designed watches are quite popular. And skeletonized watches are the brightest example of this trend. They boast a unique, very beautiful design with exposed details and every mechanical movement visible to the eye. The attention to details, to every little component, engraving or finishing is mind-blowing.
The line-up is quite diverse, so let’s look at some products from different brands and find out why these watches are so special.

This brand has a number of such watches but the one, signed Spiral Braguet – Elinvar – 15 Jewels, stands out the most. The case is made of steel and mineral glass and the strap features natural leather. Plus, on the front side there’s enticing flame engraving, plated with gold.

Patek Philippe.
This watch is even called an “antique miracle”. Same premium steel and leather are combined with fantastic engraving – a scene of Holy Bible, complemented with blue and red stones.

Gold plated case, golden Roman numerals, mineral glass, alligator leather strap, – and that’s not even the most impressive. A beautiful floral engraving gives the watch an exquisite and luxurious look.

Premium materials, gold plated case, blue and white crystals in a circle, – all these elements create the majestic design of the watch. Well-crafted floral engraving and grapes, done in colour crystals, contribute to the vintage style.

This watch is even more unique. Plated with white rhodium, the watch features a chromed steel case with glass cover for the back lid. Roman numerals in blue enamel, hands, made of steel, and floral engraving create a splendid look.

In conclusion, we have to admit that Skeleton watches represent all beauty of watchmaking. These watches are definitely for those who appreciate elegance and sophistication in their accessories. In this convenient store you can buy vintage skeleton watches online.

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