Smartwatches May Become Even Smarter

Post-graduate students from the Carnegie Mellon University invented a new technology which allows smartwatches to detect different sounds around the user and recognize his actions. The invention, called ViBand, was presented during the special computer technology symposium in Tokyo.

ViBand is able to track various vibrations, users’ movements and perceive the nature of user’s activities because they are all accompanied with certain bioacoustic signals. Smartwatches, fitted with this technology, can recognize movements of your shoulders, arms and hands. Furthermore, they will know if the user is holding something in his hands, like an electric toothbrush or an electric shaver. Using this technology on the smartwatch, people will be able to control their other devices, like smartphones, laptops or even your TV set.

ViBand also understands the nature of different sounds. For example, it will help tune a guitar by showing played notes, allowing users to find the perfect sound for every string. Besides, it detects so-called vibro-tags – these are subtle sounds which also carry certain information, like the sound of the opening door.

To activate the technology, users will have to install a software update which expands the functionality of the accelerometer. Chris Harrison, assistant professor in the Carnegie Mellon University, says that ViBand provides users with countless possibilities which are located on your wrist. This may surely be a new era in smartwatch development.