Smartwatch With Medical Features

The company Cronovo Inc. created and recently launched a very interesting smartwatch. It’s fitted with electrodes which measure electrocardiogram of the user.

Cronova smartwatch boasts a classic, rounded design with the AMOLED-display (400×400 resolution). Electrodes are located on the body of the watch. They are used for showing electrocardiogram on the display. Measuring is promised to be very accurate – manufacturers guarantee 99.9% precision. So far, the device isn’t registered as medical equipment, so the results of such measures wouldn’t be valid. In any case, the watch could be helpful for sportsmen or people with heart illnesses.

Apart from that, Cronovo has can be used for other purposes. It runs on Gmate OS and it’s fantastic as a fitness tracker – it counts steps and calories burned as well as tracks sleep, metabolism, oxygen level and heart rate. All this health and fitness data is available in the Cronovo app, which is available for free for iPhones and Android smartphones. The app can also serve as a personal trainer – it will help users choose a perfect activity for them (yoga, cardio or weights) and build a training schedule.

The battery in the watch lasts for 3 days, which is impressive for such device. Plus, it seamlessly syncs with Android and iOS devices.

Cronovo has already collected the required amount of money on Kickstarter, so it will definitely appear on the shelves. Right now, it can be pre-ordered for 84 or 104 euros. The shipments will start in November 2017.