Smartphones with New Intel Mobile Processors

Right now, Intel is an undisputed leader on the computer processor market. Apparently, this fact inspired the company to conquer other segments too. During the ARM Tech Con 2017 conference, Intel announced plans to produce mobile ARM processors. This is part of Intel’s partnership with ARM to join efforts in developing ARM-chips. Now, there are already some details about two upcoming Intel mobile processors.

According to the plan presented at ARM Tech Con 2017, Intel is going to release a flagship chipset, based on a 10-nm process technology and running at a clock speed of 3.5GHz. It will have 100 million transistors, which is twice as much as in a similar chip from Samsung. At the same time, the processor will be more energy-efficient consuming only 0.25 mW/MHz.

Also, Intel is developing a FinFET processor based on 22nm process technology, which is 30% more energy efficient compared to 28nm competitors.

Intel will not sell these chips on its own – the company will only make them for other OEMs. So far, Intel didn’t name exact dates when the production should begin but it’s supposed to start before the end of this year.