Smartphone Guide – 9 Interesting Things You Do Not Know

The latest mobile phones can be compared to the blank white pages because as we can draw anything we like on the blank page, we can transform our empty mobile phone into a play station or a sound studio only with the help of different apps. We can do business on our mobile phones, we can play videos, and we can do whatever we want.

The interesting thing is that even when we know each and everything about smartphones, our knowledge is very superficial. We only know that things about smartphones that are so obvious. For instance, no one can ever imagine that you can make small satellites with the help of your smartphones. There are many such things which you can do with the help of your smartphone, and to introduce you to the new things we have created a list of 9 interesting things that you can do with the help of your smartphone.

Weather Forecast

It has recently been discovered that the sensors used in the smartphones for the purpose of measuring battery, temperature and light pressure, can also be used to give you accurate reports about weather predictions. It’s not just about one smartphone telling you about the weather; rather you can create your own weather network by combining different smartphones.

The ability of smartphones to forecast weather can be used for medical purposes, for instance, your doctor can access the data on your smartphone and the weather conditions of that particular area where you went.

Smartphones can Power Satellites

There is a smartphone that is orbiting around the earth right now, and you might be thinking that probably, it is in an astronaut’s pocket, but you are wrong. The smartphone is functioning as the brain of the satellite. This was made possible by the research of different scientists. Now a smartphone can work as the brain of a Nanosatellite. Another interesting thing is that these smartphones can run different applications to collect data.

Smartphones are Saving Rainforests

You might find it awkward, but there is certainly an app which detects chainsaws. In many parts of the world especially in Indonesia, smartphones are being used to stop illegal logging because you can detect the sound of a chainsaw. In the forest, smartphones are connected permanently with the solar energy panels which keep on providing them energy for 24 hours. Smartphones can detect the voice of chainsaws because the microphone remains active every minute.

Smartphone as a Medical Lab

It seems very hard to believe that smartphones can now act as your mini medical lab. In a research conducted by the University of Illinois, an iPhone cradle and an app was developed, which turned the mobile into the complete medical lab. The app uses the camera of the mobile to detect viruses, bacteria, proteins and other toxins.

The basic system on which this iPhone cradle works is the combination of the smaller version of those devices, the bigger counterparts of which are used in lab devices. The cradle can tell the results as accurately as the other highly expensive devices in the hospitals.

Smartphones Can Drive Cars

In this advancing technological world, auto-pilot cars are getting more and more popularity. The self-driving cars developed by Google contain hardware worth more than $30,000, but there has been some research conducted in Australia in which they managed to get the same job done only with the help of a smartphone. Instead of using highly expensive LIDAR, the students in Australia used smartphone’s camera and its GPS.

Smartphones can Detect Chemical Warfare Attacks

We are so accustomed to the anti-virus programs in our mobiles, but what about the anti-chemical warfare software. If the security companies allow this, our mobiles will be equipped with this software. There has been some research in which scientists found different ways to put chemical sensors in the smartphones. In the future, your smartphone will be able to detect leakage in any gas.

Make Your Phone a Hard drive

You want to carry some files and you don’t have a USB then don’t worry because your smartphone can act as a hard drive. All you have to do is connect your smartphone to the computer and you will get three options. Select the “Mass Storage” option and you can transfer any files you want on your mobile.

Add Speed Dials

When you have lots of contacts in your contact list, sometimes it becomes extremely difficult to find the number of a person. You can use a lot easier way to call people by adding their numbers to speed dial. Press and hold any key from the speed dial menu and it will give you options to assign a new number.

Add Words Manually to the Dictionary

Whenever we are typing texts in our smartphones, the dictionary gives us suggestions of all the normal words, but we have to type other slang words again and again. You can add all these slang words into the dictionary so that whenever you type, you won’t have to type these words again and again.

This post is written by Lisa Myers.