Smart Mood Light Witti Notti Phone Connected Night Light

Keeping a night light on your bedside table is quite pleasant. The small item glows warmly and soothingly helping you fall asleep. But in modern days, even a regular night light can become a smartphone accessory. That’s what our following review is about – Witti Notti smart light.

This little Smart Mood Light Phone Connected Night Light gadget is very aesthetically appealing. Because of its angular design, it looks like a piece of iceberg or a big diamond. But Notti doesn’t just glow for any reason. As it’s connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, it becomes a sort of a reminder for you. If you get a text or other kind of notification, the light starts flashing immediately. It’s pretty convenient if you have to keep your phone in another room for charging. That way, you can also be aware of notifications even if you didn’t hear the sound of them.

Witti Notti

What’s more, Notti Smart Mood Light comes with a special smartphone app that allows you to control its settings. Most importantly, you can assign different colours to different notifications. For example, if you get a regular text, it glows green, but if it’s an e-mail, it glows purple. In addition, there is a helpful alarm feature – a coloured light, chosen by you, is gradually getting more and more intense to wake you up. It can also blink in rhythm with your alarm song, so you could get up faster.

In general, Witti Notti smart light is an interesting option if you’re looking for a bedside accessory. It’s definitely not a first-need product but it’s a cool gadget, especially for people who often forget about missed calls or messages. Lights can be a bit distracting and even annoying but you can set the mode that you like and enjoy. Last but not least, we should mention battery time. It’s pretty good – Notti works non-stop for two days.