HUDWAY Glass Smartphone Connected Head-Up Display for Cars

One very important rule for any driver – always keep your eyes on the road. Unfortunately, things can get distracting in the car, especially if you have to use your smartphone while driving. A lot of accidents are caused by inattentive drivers, so it’s essential to follow the simple rules at all times. And we have a gadget that’s gonna make it even easier.

It’s called Hudway Glass and it’s a transparent display that’s placed on the dashboard. Transparency contributes to clear road view, so there are no distractions whatsoever. But most importantly, with Hudway Glass gadget in your car, you can keep your smartphone in a pocket because you won’t need it. The gadget connects with a smartphone via Bluetooth and displays helpful information for the driver. But what kind of information?

Smartphone-Connected Head-Up Display for Car

In AppStore and GooglePlay there are a few apps with the word “HUD” which means head-up display. All of them are designed exactly for Hudway Glass. For example, if you download and turn on the speedometer app, your head-up display will show for speed. Other useful apps include anti-radar or navigation. So, Hudway Glass can replace many accessories in the car but functionality will remain the same. Plus, you won’t have to deal with all wires and cables. The head-up display will be safely standing on the dashboard without disturbing the driver.

To sum up, Hudway Glass is a quite simple but very efficient accessory. Fiddling with your phone while driving is dangerous not only for you but for passengers and other drivers. Therefore, Hudway Glass can help minimize that risk, so you’ll be always concentrated on the road.