Smartphone Case with Built-In Health Tracker

Technologies changed every sphere of our life including medicine. Serious diseases require constant monitoring and various smart gadgets come in handy here. But what if you could combine a useful healthcare device with a smartphone case? Today, you can do that thanks to GluCase – the world’s first smartphone case with a glucometer.

As you probably know, diabetes is a very tricky illness which requires management. Usually, special equipment is used for measuring the person’s blood glucose level. But GluCase eliminates the need for all meters, cables and testing supplies. Lancets, test strips and blood glucose meter – everything is combined in this smartphone case.

On the outside, GluCase looks like a regular accessory. It’s sleek and quite discreet, so no one would take it for something other than a phone case. But in reality, GluCase conceals everything you need for a portable blood glucose meter. The lancet is placed beneath the case while the test strip is positioned on the side. The design is quite practical, so that testing wouldn’t cause any inconveniences. What’s more, all measurements that GluCase does are highly accurate. In fact, the accuracy levels are compliant with all FDA (Food and Drug Administration) requirements.

Obviously, GluCase comes with an accompanying smartphone app available for iOS and Android devices. The app stores all health information and even displays it in graphics. Also, the data comes to a special cloud platform which is encrypted and inaccessible to other users except you. The platform, by the way, includes other information, like nutrition, exercise and medications. With other wearables, a user can get a bigger picture.

So, GluCase is a must-have mobile accessory if you or your relatives have diabetes. Instead of carrying other equipment, just snap this case on your smartphone and you’ll be able to measure blood glucose level on the go.