Smartphone Mini LED Portable Spotlight for Selfies

Whenever you want to capture a great moment of your life and make a selfie, the image quality is very important. You don’t want to end up with a blurry shot when you’re posing for a selfie. Plus, frontal cameras aren’t really good in places with dim lights. At night, it’s quite difficult to take a vivid selfie even if you have a smartphone. Thankfully, mobile accessories can help you here and one of them is the object of this review. This is Bluebill Smartphone Mini LED Portable Spotlight for selfies.

This small and portable accessory is an ideal assistant for a good selfie. No matter how far you travel, you can keep this spotlight in any pocket of your backpack. For example, when you’re traveling in the night or walking down a poorly lit street, you can pull out Bluebill Basic light and take a vivid selfie. The accessory is equipped with 16 LED bulbs which shine far and bright making any dark place very well lit. Obviously, if the flashlight on your smartphone isn’t enough, Bluebill Basic can be used for that. Whether you want to look under a couch or walk into the dark closet, this light will help you see everything.

Smartphone Accessory for Selfies

Bluebill Basic spotlight is a simple accessory. The installation is a piece of cake – the accessory has a 3.5mm plug, like on most headphones. You just need to insert it in the jack if your smartphone has one. After that, with switches on its sides, you can turn the light on and off or regulate the brightness.

In case you’re wondering, Bluebill Basic light is a rechargeable gadget – it has a 165mAh battery that’s charged via a microUSB port. And it doesn’t drain the smartphone battery either.

In conclusion, Bluebill Basic light is a practical accessory for selfie lovers. Even if you’re in the darkest place ever, you’ll be able to take a perfect selfie.