Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves – Phone Accessory for Cold Winter

The winter in all countries of northern hemisphere is in full swing. But whereas people in Asia don’t really suffer from cold, in Canada or Russia winters are always pretty severe. That means that you have to wear warmer clothes every day. This is, of course, an inconvenience for all mobile device users because people wear gloves and most devices are touchscreen. However, accessory makers have solved this problem. So, we’d like to review and tell about one such solution – Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves.
Smartphone Accessory
Mujjo offers a whole line-up of these products but if you really want to protect yourself from cold, you have to check out Double Layered Gloves. But how can they substitute hands? It’s all about the material – the gloves are made of a special cloth with nylon fibres, covered with silver. That’s what makes them work with touchscreen devices. Plus, due to silicone bumps, your smartphone will never slip out of your hands.
One interesting feature – you can use any finger to operate your mobile device, not just your thumb or index finger. Mujjo gloves are also very accurate – you won’t miss an icon on your smartphone even if it’s small. The gloves aren’t just a mobile accessory – they are pretty comfortable by themselves. The material is elastic, so your hands will fit in them perfectly. Besides, a special clap provides an even tighter fit.

Mujjo Smartphone Accessory

But how do they perform in cold weather? Actually, pretty well. Obviously, they weren’t made for extreme temperatures but we doubt that anything could really help in this case. Mujjo gloves, though, with their combination of acryl texture and wool, withstand cold well, at least to -20°C. To sum it up, Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves are a great accessory for all tech users who don’t want to always take off their gloves every time they hold a smartphone.