Smartphone Accessories – Revolution in Fast Charging, StoreDot Review

Earlier, we’ve written about the Israeli company StoreDot which specializes in fast charging. Just recently, they showed how their own technology FlashBattery can charge an electric car battery in just 5 minutes. But StoreDot can provide the same service for mobile device users. A couple of years ago, the company announced that their technology can charge a smartphone in less than 5 minutes. What’s more, StoreDot’s website offers two interesting accessories which we’re going to talk about now.

The first product is an iPhone 7 case and the second one is a power bank. Both gadgets work on the aforementioned technology FlashBattery which uses special lithium-ion batteries and makes charging as fast as lightning. Basically, FlashBattery can provide charging speeds which are 10 times higher compared to regular accessories.Mobile Accessories – Revolution

For example, the iPhone 7 case doesn’t only protect the smartphone but also gives it additional charge in urgent situations. The case itself charges fully in 5 minutes providing 8 extra hours of life for your smartphone, even on the road. For charging the case itself, there is the FlashCharger – a portable 150W charger with a built-in electric connector. This accessory is compact and very safe, as it comes with surge protection preventing short circuit and keeping your smartphone in a good condition.

Furthermore, the FlashCharger accompanies the StoreDot power bank as well. The FlashBattery power bank is completely unique among its competitors because it charges in only 5 minutes. The accessory is equipped with a miniUSB and regular USB ports for connecting any mobile device. The power bank is reliable, durable, and very portable.