Best Selling Smart Music Player Xiaomi AI Bluetooth Speaker

Connecting the speaker to any gadget can be done without any problem with its dual band WiFi and Bluetooth 4.1 support. With that being said, no cables and wires are needed. Cortex A53 64 bit processor with 1.2GHz frequency, makes the Xiaomi AI Speaker run fluently for overall experience that you will enjoy.
Xiaomi AI Bluetooth Speaker
Another interesting, unique and convenient feature is the intelligent device control function, allowing users to find out what the weather is like, set an alarm clock and much more. Children can enjoy learning to add and subtract, multiply and divide, as well as learn poetry with the practice leaning function. You can easily control what you want to hear, since this Smart Bluetooth Speaker will recognize your voice.
The app can also be downloaded, for easy adjusting and all of its functions. The microphone built in, makes it possible to talk on the phone hands free, while being busy with other tasks around the home or office. Advanced audio distribution profile is supported as well. Top of the speaker includes different buttons for your convenience.
Original Xiaomi AI Bluetooth Speaker is pricier compared to many other wireless ones, but all of its additional features make it worth it. Sound will be superb at all times! Bring your attention to this item, if you are in search of a speaker to enjoy!

Original Xiaomi AI Bluetooth Speaker
Smart Music Player

Original Xiaomi AI Speaker Smart Music Player