Body Hydration Control Smart Water Bottle

Were you ever curious on how much water you drink each day? Do you drink enough water? Or you feel like you don’t drink enough but are too busy or stressed and forget to drink water? H2Opal Body Hydration Control Smart Water Bottle would be the answer to those questions. H2OPal has a built in hydration tracker which helps you see how much water you drink and tracks your progress to keep you motivated. This bottle will help you start a new and healthy life by keeping you hydrated.

H2Opal Smart Water Bottle comes with its own app, which can help you personalize your water intake goals or auto adjust your goals by analyzing your profile information, and get notifications if you are falling behind. Made out of glass, H2OPal preserves the fresh taste of water without any odors.

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Smart Water Bottle gadget

H2Opal Body Hydration Control Smart Water Bottle

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This bottle is only made to be use at home, office or other inactive places in order to keep the water tracker accurate. It is designed for physically inactive people by helping them stay hydrated and develop a healthy habit of drinking water.

Despite being revolutionizing water bottle it has one major drawback for android users: it does not have great compatibility with android since their app is only a beta version. However, great news for Apple users, it has great compatibility with iPhone and Apple Watches.