Smart Video Doorbell with Facial Recognition

These days it seems like everything is becoming more and more technology based. Even the simplest everyday objects such as doorbells are becoming “smart”, which is exactly what Netvue Belle is. This Smart Video Doorbell with facial recognition doesn’t just notify you when you have guests; it recognizes and talks to them. Designed to make your life easier, with this doorbell you wouldn’t have to worry about having visitors when you are not home.

Netvue Belle has an advanced voice interaction, which means it can have an intelligent conversation with them. Implemented with equally as advanced facial recognition, visitors who have used Belle before will be recognized. So if you are away from home and you get a delivery, Belle will instruct them depending on the circumstances, either by notifying you or telling them to leave the package.

Smart Video Doorbell Voice control

Besides being just a doorbell, Belle is also a real time surveillance camera with an effective and adjustable motion censor. It will notify you if it detects suspicious activity near at your doorstep. You may check out Netvue Belle Smart Door bell on Kickstarter. By the way, this smart door bell also comes with its own app, and is compatible with Alexa.