Smart Touchscreen High Accuracy Black White 3D Scanner

The scanner is located on the stand, which ensures stillness and high scanning accuracy. Objects for scanning are located on a special board. The accuracy of the scanner is up to 0.04mm, it allows you to recognize the structure of complex objects and without problems make a high-quality 3D model on your computer.
Smart Touchscreen Black White 3D Scanner
It is possible to digitize physical objects with a diameter of up to 10 cm by 10 cm and with a weight up to 3.5 kg. You can very quickly convert your objects into clean 3D models with subsequent editing, thanks to the built-in software Thunk3D. High speed and low noise work allows you to use the device in any institution and at home. Intellective large touchscreen control provides improved 3D printing practice with semiautomatic leveling control. If a power failure occurs and the device interrupts its operation, you can continue to work from the last place, thanks to a special protection system.
The equipment as a whole is modular, compact with high integration. High single-frame speed up to 0.3 seconds makes it scan rather quickly. The software itself restores tears in the scanned objects, violations in the polygonal mesh and other defects of the model with one touch. The scanning plane provides auto rotation of the object, which allows one to increase the speed and quality of the scanning process.
Thunk3D Cooper-BW10 is great for modern fast development in the field of 3D modeling. It is made out of high quality and provides with accurate models.

Thunk3D Cooper Smart Touchscreen
High Accuracy Black White 3D Scanner

High Accuracy Black White 3D Scanner